Moonbound III

Moonbound III - Modena 12-13 October 2002

MOONBOUND THREE Following your numerous requests, we are finally able to publish the first news concerning the new edition of our annual meeting. Moonbound Three will be held in Modena (Palazzo Europa ­ same place as last year) on 12th &13th October 2002, and this time the participation of Mr Johnny Byrne has already been confirmed, in spite of the serious problem that prevented him from joining us last year! Of course, we have also invited all those guests who had already been contacted last year but couldn't make it, plus some more, including professionals from other branches of the industry, but always in connection with all the cult series we know and love. Here is the detailed list:


1) Johnny Byrne (script writer for Space 1999).- Confirmed!

2) Catherine Schell (Maya in Space 1999). - Unavailable... Maybe we should visit her instead!

3) Sylvia Anderson (producer of Space 1999). -She took note of the date and said she'd be happy to attend, but can't say anything for sure as of yet...!

4) Tom Baker (4th Dr. Who). No reply yet.

5) Martin Landau (...what...?!?)...

6) & Barbara Bain (...well...).- We contacted both of them through Terry (thanks!), the representative of their Californian fans club (...don't expect too much for now, but... who knows... someday... one thing may lead to another...)!!!

7) Nick Tate (Alan Carter in Space 1999). -We contacted him through his British fan club, maintained by Eileen & Phyll, two long-term fans of the Alphan pilot. The co-operation with them seems very promising for the near future!!!


8) Michele Kalamera (the Italian voice double for Martin Landau). Contact already in progress!!!

9) Brian Johnson (special effects).

10) Gianni Garko (Tony Cellini in 'Dragon's Domain' - Space 1999).

11) Orso Maria Guerrini (Luke Ferro in 'Testament of Arkadia' - Space 1999).

12) Prentis Hancock (Paul Morrow in Space 1999).


13) Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers in the homonymous series)...!

14) Erin Gray (Wilma Deering in the same series) !!!

15) Tom Lenk (Andrew in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer')...


We will accept the first group of registrations from 1st July to 18th August 2002, and the second one from 19th August to 6th October 2002. We remind you that ONLY the MEMBERS of Club Moonbase'99 who have regularly paid their annual fee can be admitted to the convention (but anybody can join the club by simply paying the minimum annual fee of EURO 7.00). All cards and seat numbers shall follow the strict chronological order in which registrations are received. The draft programme of the convention will be available on our website by the end of July and will be updated in real time. For the first time, we also accept registrations for only ONE day of the convention and, to the benefit of those who can only attend for a day, a short opening ceremony will take place also on the Sunday morning, which we will also use for last-minute updates in case there should be any changes in the original schedule. Some new features this year will be the 'pizza party' on the Saturday night (to be booked separately), the 'costume parade' and the first 'Literary Contest' of club Moonbase'99 (for more info on these events, please visit our website or contact us directly)! Here are the details on the registration fees:

A) REGISTRATION FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND (2 PRICE GROUPS OF 49 DAYS EACH): First -group: those who confirm their registration between 01/07/02 and- 18/08/02 will pay * Euro 44,00 *. Second group: those who confirm their registration between- 19/08/02 and- 06/10/02 will pay Euro 50.00.

B) SINGLE DAY REGISTRATION (PRICE VALID FOR ALL 98 DAYS): Euro 20.00 = registration for Saturday ONLY. / Euro 30.00 = registration for Sunday ONLY.

C) LAST-MINUTE REGISTRATIONS: No registrations will be accepted after 07/10/02. Those who opt for a last-minute registration (directly at the convention) will pay Euro 25.00 for Saturday only; Euro 35.00 for Sunday only; or Euro 56.00 for the whole weekend.

NOTE 1: We shall respect the chronological priority of those who register just for one day, but later decide to join also for the second one. Example: a person registers on 16th July only for the Sunday, gets card Nr. 23 and pays 30 Euro (plus the annual club fee or other extras if applicable); on 9th October this person manages to find some spare time and extends the reservation to the Saturday, so he comes to the convention on Saturday 12th October and pays another 25 Euro directly at the reception in order to complete the registration: this person will therefore keep his seat Nr. 23 and all the advantages of the early registration. ­

IMPORTANT: the draft programme of the convention can be modified at any time, mostly due to causes totally independent from our will. Therefore, people who choose to attend just for one day may risk to find that some of the events have been postponed to the following day or anticipated to the previous one. No refund can be claimed in case of such event (which, anyway, we'll try to avoid at all costs!).

NOTE 2: No admittance of children under 18, unless accompanied by an adult. Children under 10 join free of charge. For children between 11 and 17 the same conditions as the adults apply. If children under age and adults register at different times, the first to register shall retreat to the next available seat near the one assigned to the last of them to register.

HOW TO JOIN THE 'PIZZA PARTY' (ADVANCE PAYMENT TO BE RECEIVED AT THE MOMENT OF REGISTRATION): For this initiative, the sum of EURO 10.00 shall be paid in advance. The amount of the final bill shall be equally divided among all the participants, and any possible price difference shall be settled at the end of the dinner. Seat availability is limited, therefore, in case anybody should join when all seats have already been booked, we will refund them the sum they paid in advance.

AUTOGRAPHS The first autograph after the meeting with each guest is FREE. From the second autograph on, a symbolic 'fee' should be paid, and the funds we raise with this initiative will be entirely devolved for charity:

  • 1st autograph: FREE
  • 2nd autograph: 5 Euro
  • 3rd autograph-: 10 Euro
  • 4th autograph-: 20 Euro
  • 5th autograph-: 40 Euro

...and so on (...and on... and on...)!

To make your hotel reservation, please contact this tour operator:
MODENATUR - Incoming Tour Operator
Via Scudari 10
41100 Modena

Tel.: + 39 059 220022 - Fax: + 39 059 206688
Web Page:
When booking your room, please specify: 'Moonbound 3'. Here are the special rates for the convention:

HOTEL CANALGRANDE**** - Single room: Euro 95.00; Double room: Euro 136.00.
HOTEL PRINCIPE*** - Single room: Euro 70.00; Double room: Euro 85.00. HOTEL RITZ*** - Single room: Euro 68.00; Double room: Euro 90.00.
HOTEL EDEN*** - Single room: Euro 68.00; Double room: Euro 90.00.
HOTEL CASTELLO** - Single room: Euro 63.00; Double room: Euro 85.00.

We are still awaiting the rates of HOTEL ESTENSE and HOTEL EUROPA/MILANO. Please contact us, or visit our website for more info and updates. ModenaTur is available to explain you how to reach the hotel you have chosen. Anyway, all the relevant indications, as well as more info on how to find open restaurants, bars and pizzerias near Palazzo Europa, will be handed over to you when you register at the Reception.

Cosmic Group
Via Bottoni 13
43039 Salsomaggiore Terme PARMA - ITALY

When filling in the payment form, please ALWAYS specify CLEARLY the words 'MB-3', add your complete details and the specifications of each item adding up to the final sum. In case you want to attend just for one day, please specify which one. In case you are paying for more than one person at once, please specify all the separate entries for each person you want to register. We strongly advise everybody to send us a copy of the payment receipt BY PRIORITY MAIL. Please send it to: Club Moonbase '99 - Giuliano Frattini, Via Tignale del Garda 63, 41100 Modena (Italy) (specifying all of the above). This will help us avoid possible problems connected to delays service. Each seat will be assigned according to the date in which we have received this document (via 'Poste Italiane' or directly from you).

For more information contact


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